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Liberty Hospital Half - 03/03/2018

Go! St. Louis - 04/08/2018

Rock the Parkway - 04/14/2018

Garmin Marathon - 04/21/2018

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"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." Michael Jordan

Meet your Pacers for
Go! St. Louis Halloween Half

Half Marathon Pacers: 1:35 1:40 1:45 1:50 1:55 2:00 2:05 2:10 2:15 2:20 2:25 2:30 2:40 2:50 3:00

Half Marathon SmartPace Teams

1:35 SmartPace Teams

Matt O. - 1:35 pacer

Matt started running cross country in high school after getting cut from the soccer team, and quickly fell in love with distance running. The camaraderie of group runs, the calm of a long solo run, and the thrill of racing are all integral parts of Matt's life. Matt has been a distance runner for 20 years, building up from 5k's to marathons and a couple ultras (not too many of those though!) Matt has completed 46 half marathons and 16 marathons, and is looking forward to helping people meet their goals as a pacer!
Half Marathon PR: 1:21

1:40 SmartPace Teams

Jorge G. - 1:40 pacer

Jorge is a proud U.S. Marine, Runner, Pacer, 50-State Marathon Club finisher (PR 3:07), 100-mile Ultra-marathoner, 9x-Boston Marathon Qualifier, ran 5 marathons in 5 states in 1 week (all under 4 hrs), completed 80+ marathons, including Ultra-Marathons and at least one marathon in all 50 states and a Top 10 Finalists for December’s 2015 Runner’s World Magazine Cover. We tell you this because he loves to lead by example. He enjoys training to push the limits of his potential and complete a variety of running goals. Still, more important to Jorge than the competition of running, is the ability to inspire others – runners and non-runners – to experience what can be accomplished on two feet and to do what others think is impossible. This is far more important to him than competing against other runners, the clock, or even himself. Today, Jorge dedicates his miles to the many people who have supported and inspired him to do his best and to never give up, while helping them achieve their own goals. Pacing offers him that opportunity! As a Pacer, Jorge is very positive and energetic. His ability to bring out the best in people, both physically and mentally, is evident by the many runners he has helped record Personal Records and Boston Qualifying times! He constantly offers encouragement, while also reminding the runners in his group to stay mentally strong, focused, to trust their training, and have fun! #‎NothingEverDoneAlone Semper Fi.
Half Marathon PR: 1:25:24

1:45 SmartPace Teams

Jun Z. - 1:45 pacer

Jun has been running since 2011 as a way to practice healthy habits. He believes that running is a tremendous blessing to the life, and enjoys achieving variant running goal. He has completed numerous running races including 6 Half Marathons and 7 full Marathons. Jun ran the Boston Marathon in 2015 and 2016. He is excited about the pacing opportunity, and is eager to help his group run their best race possible.
Half Marathon PR: 1:25

1:50 SmartPace Teams

Chris R. - 1:50 pacer

Hi Everyone, My name is Chris Rankin. I have completed 4 stand alone marathons and 2 Full Ironman distance races. My personal best was at the 2012 Rock n Roll where i qualified for the Boston marathon with a time of 2:59:29. I was lucky enough to run at Boston in 2014 and completed the race in 3:08. It was the coolest race that I have been a part of. I don't really have anything special planned for the race, but am looking forward to hearing your story and helping you achieve the goal that you have worked so hard far. So until then, CHEERS!!
Half Marathon PR: 1:25

1:55 SmartPace Teams

Derek K. - 1:55 pacer

Running is something Derek started doing in college as a reason to put off studying. Now it is something he does as a hobby and to meet new people. He has ran a few 5 and 10K’s but prefers half and full marathons. His favorites so far have been Rock the Parkway half and Berlin Marathon. Sundays are by far his favorite running day because he gets to meet up with others for a long run and share running stories. He look forward to meeting you to hear your story and provide you the motivation you need in earning the PR that you have trained for.
Half Marathon PR: 1:37

2:00 SmartPace Teams

Scott F. - 2:00 pacer

Scott Foster is a current pacer out of Saint Louis, MO, and currently is a pace coach for Big River Training Team. Prior to running, Scott played competitive tennis, but caught the passion for running 5 years ago in his first race at the Indianapolis Monumental half marathon. Since his first race time of 2:27, Scott has PR'd in every race since then, with his latest of 1:41. "I love challenging myself to do better each time, but watching and helping others do the same has become my true passion." "I believe this is a We deal. We will get across that line together!"
Half Marathon PR: 1:41

2:05 SmartPace Teams

Ashley G. - 2:05 pacer

Ashley Garland started running as a new mom in 2008. She got started running with a jogging stroller and dog on leash, confident that all who passed her would be paying attention to the cute baby instead of the woman struggling for breath. She started a habit that has grown to be a major part of her lifestyle. A friend encouraged her to sign up for her first half marathon in Asheville, NC while raising money for Girls On the Run. Ashley has completed at least 15 half marathons as well as many trail races and one Chicago marathon. In more than one occasion she has relied on a pacer to help her reach her goal. She has paced six half marathons as well as a few 15ks and really feels lucky to do this job!
Half Marathon PR: 1:50:28

2:10 SmartPace Teams

Dan L. - 2:10 pacer

After a successful collegiate swimming career Dan retired the speedo and goggles and put on his running shoes. Several marathons and half-marathons (and one triathlon!) later, Dan is ready to help others achieve their personal goals on race day. “From race strategy to high tech gear, runners will provide you with all sorts of tips, but I find that there is nothing more helpful than finding a person/group to share the long miles with.”
Half Marathon PR: 1:34

2:15 SmartPace Teams

Ximena K. - 2:15 pacer

Ximena started her love for running when she moved to Washington, Missouri from South Florida with her husband and 3 children.She started off with the March of Dimes 5K and quickly became excited about her next run. Ximena's running career includes the Disney Goofy Challenge, 10+ Half Marathons, and the Go! St. Louis Full Marathon where in 2016, she beat her best previous time there qualifying her for the Boston Marathon in 2017. Pacing is new to her running resume, but has already fallen in love with the idea of helping others reach their goals. She has paced a few events and looks forward to making this a permanent gig. If you are in the Washington area, chances are you will see Ximena running through town.
Half Marathon PR: 1:47:04

2:20 SmartPace Teams

Tushar S. - 2:20 pacer

Tushar picked up running because he couldn’t figure out a way to be a gym regular between a hectic work schedule and keeping up with two kids. Running was a great way to get the cardio exercise without sticking to the fixed regiment of a gym. Tushar ran/walked his first half marathon in 2013 and since then has run 20 half marathons and 4 marathons. Tushar likes to run because he feels every run is a good run even though one may struggle sometimes. Running has been a great stress reliever for Tushar and he finds every opportunity get into his running shoes.
Half Marathon PR: 1:54:53

2:25 SmartPace Teams

Geri Lynn A. - 2:25 pacer

Geri Lynn ran her first 1/2 marathon in 2012 at the recommendation of a friend who knew she had just lost her mother to cancer. Geri Lynn had always been a sprinter so running distances was a new challenge and she initially set a goal of running one 1/2 marathon a year. By 2015 running became a constant in her life! She has shared the joy of running with her teenage children having done three 1/2 marathons with her son and one with her daughter. Training and running with teenagers inspired Geri Lynn to help others accomplish their running goals, and conquer her own hesitation to run a marathon. Geri Lynn accomplished her goal of running a full marathon and she is very excited about running and serving as a pacer. Geri Lynn's favorite running motto is "Always Earned, Never Given"
Half Marathon PR: 2:20

2:30 SmartPace Teams

Maureen G. - 2:30 pacer

Maureen began running a few years ago using a couch to 5K program and quickly caught the "fever". What started as, doing just 1 5K, turned into training for a half marathon that 1st year. Since then, she has logged 14 half marathons, 1 full, and countless other races. Marathon #2 is just on the horizon! Maureen is a pace coach for Big River Training Team and has also paced a few local races. She loves helping people reach their goals and being a part of the journey. She loves the excitement of lining up and can't wait for race day!
Half Marathon PR: 2:15

2:40 SmartPace Teams

Nick H. - 2:40 pacer

I am an avid endurance athlete competing in: Ironman Triathlons, Ironman 70.3 Triathlons, Sprint Triathlons, Ultra Marathons, Marathons, Half Marathons and local 10k and 5k races. These taking place all over the United States. My favorite running event is the marathon. It’s a great experience! There are people everywhere; runners and fellow competitors swarming all over the place. One really feels a sense of unity and solidarity as we all run and cheer together as one. In the life of an endurance athlete, it is a huge milestone. It’s a race we will never forget. No two marathons are ever alike. Each has story of its own. The sense of pride that overcomes you as you cross that finish line is indescribable, truly making it an extremely rewarding endeavor.
Half Marathon PR: 1:35

2:50 SmartPace Teams

Sharon J. - 2:50 pacer

Sharon started running after having 3 kids and was “bitten” by the marathon bug. Sharon has completed 16 marathons (her favorite marathons are the NY marathon and the Chicago Marathon), the Disney Dopey 48.6 mile challenge, 3 Twenty mile plus races (her absolute favorite race is in Big Sur, CA), more than 110 half marathons locally and across the country, and is a "Double Agent" (member of both the Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs national running clubs). She looks forward to helping others reach their goals and possibly sharing the thrill of crossing the finish line with those that are new to running half marathons. Sharon uses a run/walk strategy which will allows for a fun, comfortable, strong finish.
Half Marathon PR: 2:19

3:00 SmartPace Teams

Layne W. - 3:00 pacer

Layne starting running in 2011, and over time has made it more and more important in her life. Her goals have (slightly) altered from being a full time photographer into getting her personal training certification because she wants to motivate others towards their health goals. Pacing is fun for Layne, and she is excited to jump in with both feet and help her runners cross the finish line happy and injury free! She wants you to sit back and not worry about time. You can depend fully on Layne to get you where you need to be. Layne likes to have fun, so feel free to tell her crazy stories or jokes. You'll have a lot of time together, so get comfy! Half Fanatic #5369
Half Marathon PR: 2:30

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