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Liberty Hospital Half - 03/03/2018

Go! St. Louis - 04/08/2018

Rock the Parkway - 04/14/2018

Garmin Marathon - 04/21/2018

Words to run by

"What makes a great endurance athlete is the ability to absorb potential embarrassment, and to suffer without complaint." Lance Armstrong

Meet your Pacers for
Running with the Cows

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Half Marathon SmartPace Teams

1:30 SmartPace Teams

Kenny M. - 1:30 pacer

Kenny began running in high school, competing in both cross-country and track, as an alternative to playing football. He has been a runner ever since. Kenny ran at Northwest Missouri State University (Go Bearcats!!), before being sidelined by injury. After college, Kenny began running again to stay active, and to get in better shape. He has run over 190 races to date, including 38 marathons (PR of 2:50), and over 85 half marathons (PR of 1:20). Kenny believes the biggest mistake people can make is starting off too fast. He is looking forward to sharing his passion for running with others and helping them and encouraging them to reach their running goals. Through his high energy and motivation, Kenny is confident he can help you achieve your goal time. What does he enjoy about running? Helping people in reaching their goals, being active, and the camaraderie and atmosphere in the running community. Also, running allows him to eat lots of Peanut M&Ms (it's a mild addiction...ha) without too much guilt.
Half Marathon PR: 1:20

1:35 SmartPace Teams

Ryan W. - 1:35 pacer

Ryan started running XC and track in Jr. High, and has loved it ever since. During college, he created the K-State Marathon Club, and pushed many runners to complete their first half and full marathon, with several qualifying for 2013 Boston Marathon. In 2012 he organized a team relay to run across the state of Kansas with only 8 runners. He loves seeing people achieve their goals and doing more than they think possible. Ryan is excited to be a pacer and hopes give those running with him the encouragement to achieve their own goals.
Half Marathon PR: 1:18

Mike B. - 1:35 pacer

Mike started running long distance races in 2012 with a NY’s Resolution to finish a half marathon. He was soon hooked, logging thousands miles since then and reaching for and grabbing goals like qualifying for and running in Boston, running a 50 miler, and a sub-3:00 marathon (2:56). Having been helped by pacers himself, he appreciates the opportunity to return the favor by bringing his running zeal and experience to bear in helping you achieve your running goals.
Half Marathon PR: 1:23

1:40 SmartPace Teams

Jeff M. - 1:40 pacer

Jeff began running in high school, competing in both cross-country and track. He started running again several years ago. He runs 5k’s and a few half marathons a year (PR of 1:29). Jeff just finished his fourth marathon and qualified for Boston. (PR 3:23). He has coached elementary track for 15+ years. He has a passion for sharing his love and experience of running with others. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with you to help you reach your running goals and have fun while doing it.
Half Marathon PR: 1:29

Rob M. - 1:40 pacer

Rob started running in 2008 because it was a cheap way to stay in shape during college. His competitive nature pushed him to go further and faster over time and eventually led to him participating in half and full marathons. Since 2010, he has completed about 20 half marathons, 11 marathons, and one ultra-marathon. His training has improved his half marathon time by more than 19 minutes and his full marathon time by more than 50 minutes. The SmartPace teams have had a large role in Rob’s improvement, and he looks forward to helping others improve as well.
Half Marathon PR: 1:31

1:45 SmartPace Teams

Stephanie M. - 1:45 pacer

Stephanie started running for fun and as a way to keep in shape in between weekend soccer games about 7 years ago. She signed up for her first half in 2012, and became hooked on distance running. She has run everything from a 5k to a 50k, and is the current Missouri women's record holder at the 50k distance in her age group. She enjoys recovery runs with her dachshund Norman. She has ran 17 full marathons to date, including 2 consecutive Boston Marathons and 3 consecutive Chicago Marathons! She looks forward to helping people meet personal running goals, while making the marathon experience a great one!
Half Marathon PR: 1:34

Ryan M. - 1:45 pacer

Ryan started running 6 years ago to improve his health. What started out as just a form of exercise turned into a passion. Ryan has ran 8 full marathons and several half marathons. After having a pacer help Ryan set a new PR he wanted to become a pacer and help someone else achieve their goal.
Half Marathon PR: 1:29

1:50 SmartPace Teams

Scott M. - 1:50 pacer

Scott started running in 2010 at the age of 47 when he ran his first 5K. He quickly caught the running bug and started training to run further and faster. He has now completed 9 full marathons including, Boston (2016), Chicago (2015) and Disney (2015) and 22 half marathons. Scott starting pacing in 2016 and has paced 5 half marathons and found that helping others was as rewarding as PRing! He is looking forward to pacing his first full! Scott’s most recent marathon was Grandmas in Duluth in June with a time of 3:17. Of the 22 half marathons, 6 were completed in 2017 with the most recent one being San Francisco. Running over the Golden Gate bridge is definitely one to remember. Once the race is complete Scott enjoys celebrating with a nice frosty beverage.
Half Marathon PR: 1:33:09

Dustin D. - 1:50 pacer

Dustin has been a competitive runner since his high school cross country days. He enjoys racing in distances from 5k's to half marathons, on everything from pavement to rocky trails and obstacles. Dustin loves the competitive spirit and camaraderie of running and can't wait to help other runners to achieve their goals.
Half Marathon PR: 1:31

1:55 SmartPace Teams

Megan D. - 1:55 pacer

Megan has been running for most of her life. She ran her first 5K race in 2010 and now has completed over 40! She has also increased her distance by competing in over 20 half marathons and ran her first full marathon in 2017. Megan has always enjoyed the social aspect of running and working out with friends. She is looking forward to helping others achieve their goals with Smart Pacing and can’t wait to cross the finish line with you!
Half Marathon PR: 1:35

Brittney H. - 1:55 pacer

Brittney ran her first half marathon in 2005 and afterwards her legs felt like jello, she couldn't imagine how and why people would ever run double the distance! A year later she decided to take the plunge and ran her first full marathon and has now run 27 marathons in her pursuit to complete a marathon in every state. The atmosphere of any race day is so motivating and she is motivated by each and every person she encounters on the course, everybody has a story and a reason to be out there running. She firmly believes that everybody is faster than they think!
Half Marathon PR: 1:34

2:00 SmartPace Teams

Amanda B. - 2:00 pacer

Amanda has been running for most of her life. From 5Ks, to triathlons, to a 50K, Amanda has always enjoyed the social aspect of running and working out with friends. With her husband as a built-in running partner, and her daughter along for the shorter runs, Amanda has completed thirteen marathons, many half marathons and plans to continue running for many years to come.
Half Marathon PR: 1:42

Dan S. - 2:00 pacer

Dan has been running competitively for over 10 years, and has ran in over 20 half marathons and dozens of 10k and 5k races. He has been with the SmartPacing team since the Fall of 2015 and has enjoyed seeing many of his fellow runners achieve personal best times through the SmartPacing strategy. Dan utilized the SmartPacing strategy to achieve his own personal best time of 1:26 in the 2017 Rock the Parkway Half Marathon. Dan is also a participant in Runner's Edge of Kansas City. Dan believes in having a pacing plan for every race he competes in. His strategy is starting with a swift warm-up pace, settling into a consistent race pace, and saving some energy for a strong finish and a great race experience. He is excited to help his fellow runners achieve their goals and have fun while doing it!
Half Marathon PR: 1:26

2:05 SmartPace Teams

Jen T. - 2:05 pacer

Jen is a lifelong runner, mostly running for fun and fitness, until finding longer races in 2007. She completed her first marathon in 2008. Marathons #14 and 15 are planned this spring. In 2011 she moved to the Kansas City area and was thrilled to find a vibrant running community after living in the middle of nowhere for many years. She runs most of her miles with a crazy group of friends at 5 am before work, and is grateful that someone is always is willing to meet her and keep her company for a run. She loves running with friends, old and new, and will consider you a friend from the first few steps! Jen loves the Smart Pacing philosophy, especially starting slower to warm up, and running even effort on the hills. She can’t wait to help you meet your goals on the road!
Half Marathon PR: 1:47

Alyssa B. - 2:05 pacer

Alyssa Blakeman is an experienced distance runner. She began her running career in high school running Cross Country and Track. She then went on to run Cross Country and Track for University of Central Missouri. While there she competed in various distances from 3K-10K. After Alyssa finished her college running career she went on to run various half marathons and 3 marathons. She has a love for running and the friendships it brings. Her half marathon PR is 1:42:38 and her marathon PR is 3:35:03. This will be Alyssa's first time pacing for a race. However she has over 10 years of running experience and will help you run the "smartest" race possible. Alyssa will be your biggest cheerleader while keeping you focused on your goal of completing your race. If it is your first or 31st half marathon you are sure to have a fun and successful race experience with Alyssa as your pacer.
Half Marathon PR: 1:42

2:10 SmartPace Teams

Sara A. - 2:10 pacer

Sara has mastered running and talking at the same time through her routine early morning runs with friends. She has run over 25 half marathons starting 12 years ago. Sara enjoys the challenge of half marathons without the intense training of a full marathon, though running Boston is still a goal for her. Sara's tip today is to stick with the pacing splits for the first few miles, and then you can plow forward later to beat the pace time. It is always tempting to surge forward at the start of the race. Sara is looking forward to helping you reach your race goal and to enjoy the experience along the way.
Half Marathon PR: 1:41

Ann O. - 2:10 pacer

Ann loves race day and is excited to be pacing. She has completed 24 marathons, including Boston, many half marathons, and 5k's. Ann is a believer in the Smart Pacing strategy and is ready to help others make their race goals!
Half Marathon PR: 1:38

2:15 SmartPace Teams

Brian B. - 2:15 pacer

Brian ran his first 1/2 marathon in the 2009 Kansas City race and stayed to watch a friend finish the full. The thought began with "Hey, I should be able to do this." So he signed up and completed his first full at the Bass Pro Marathon just 2 weeks later! Since then Brian has either run or paced numerous half & full marathons. His latest accomplishment was finishing the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run. He enjoys the company of fellow runners and continues to be amazed at the accomplishments/success stories of other runners. You just never know who in your pace group is going to share a personal story that inspires you. Brian believes that running with the group and having the camaraderie provides a distraction from the sometimes experienced or perceived "pain". The more fun we have, the less we will notice the mile markers flying by.
Half Marathon PR: 1:43

Emma S. - 2:15 pacer

Emma picked up running in 2011 during law school as a way to stay active, and has been hooked ever since. She recently ventured into the world of ultrarunning, but the marathon is still her favorite distance. As someone who has benefited greatly from good training partners, racing buddies, and pacers, she loves pacing to help others reach their goal times.
Half Marathon PR: 1:36

2:20 SmartPace Teams

Jenny R. - 2:20 pacer

Jenny has been running for over 25 years and has completed 33 marathons with a goal to run one in every state! She has paced several races and enjoys helping other runners reach their goals. After running Boston, Jenny believes you can achieve anything with patience, motivation and hard work. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and her family including her husband, newborn daughter (April 2016) and dog Rocky! Jenny's favorite quote is: “The pain that you feel during a workout or race is nothing compared to the pain that you’ll feel if you don’t meet your goal”. Jenny is energetic, passionate and motivating! She also believes in having fun when running, so you may get a laugh or two if you join her pace group!
Half Marathon PR: 1:35

Ken F. - 2:20 pacer

Ken started running for fitness and recreation in college and completed his first marathon in 1980. He intended to run his second in the fall of 1983 but medical school ended up taking more time than he thought. 25 years later, he decided to make priorities instead of excuses and has now finished 240 marathons, including at least one in every state. He has also earned titanium/10-star status in Marathon Maniacs 4 years in a row by completing at least 52 in 52 weeks, qualifying him for the Hall of Fame. He practices SmartPacing principles in his own training/racing and in mentoring his son (who has been a Half Fanatic since he was 10 and Marathon Maniac since he was 12). Ken has paced 90 marathons and hopes you'll have a great time on the way to beating your goal time.
Half Marathon PR: 1:48

2:25 SmartPace Teams

Miguel C. - 2:25 pacer

Miguel started running endurance events in 2004 and to date He has finished 16 marathons and 40 plus half marathons. Miguel started pacing as a way to "pay back" for all the help He received when he first started running. He plans on running "even effort" and looks forward to helping you reach the finish line
Half Marathon PR: 1:48

Stephanie S. - 2:25 pacer

Being a cheerleader is an inherent part of Stephanie's personality. As a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise instructor, and Nutrition Specialist, she is all about helping people with their goals. Stephanie has been running for over 17 years, after the birth of her son. Since then, she has completed 20 marathons, including qualifying for and running Boston, and over one hundred half marathons. Stephanie likes to coach her pace group with tips on how to breathe, conquer hills, and enjoy the race.
Half Marathon PR: 1:38

2:30 SmartPace Teams

Cristal B. - 2:30 pacer

Cristal LOVES pacing any distance from 5K to 26.2. A fitness instructor & born optimist, Cristal loves to run at a conversational pace, enjoying a walk break through each water station, with enough time to thank volunteers and high-five as many cheering kids along the course as possible. She believes anyone can run a half or full marathon with the right attitude and a little ambition, you've just got to run Smart & keep going. Her personal goal is to complete her 50 states by her 50th birthday (35 down, 15 to go!), and to eventually run just fast enough to BQ. She looks forward to meeting you & helping you cross the finish line exactly on time (or a little early
Half Marathon PR: 1:55:58

Mary L. - 2:30 pacer

While always physically active, Mary did not become a long distance runner until after the age of 40. She set a goal to run a full marathon as a “bucket list” item and in the process discovered a passion for running. She has now completed 14 full marathons and over 20 half marathons. She enjoys being in the company of other runners and encouraging them to achieve their goals. Mary’s hope is that you complete the race by not only meeting your goal, but also having fun in the process!
Half Marathon PR: 1:59

2:35 SmartPace Teams

Jenn D. - 2:35 pacer

Jenn started running in college and hasn't been able to quit. She has run many, many 5 and 10K's, half marathons and is working on her third marathon. She ran the Chicago marathon in 2016 after having completed the Heartland 39.3 Series earlier that year. When Jenn isn't running, she's on stage acting having done lots of local theatre. She looks forward to getting her group to their goal and making it a fun journey along the way.
Half Marathon PR: 2:05

Erin S. - 2:35 pacer

Erin began running as a way to stay fit after her college sports days were over. Ten years later, she keeps her running shoes laced up because she finds running to be a great way to relax and find balance in life. Erin has run numerous ½ marathons and loves her role as pacer! Erin enjoys meeting new people and loves to learn about what inspires them to reach their personal goals. She looks forward to encouraging her fellow runners to finish strong and have a great time along the way!
Half Marathon PR: 2:10

2:40 SmartPace Teams

Melissa H. - 2:40 pacer

Melissa started running on Mother's Day 2012, and hasn't looked back since. Melissa runs long on Saturday mornings, changing locations throughout the city, and always enjoys a good cup of coffee afterwards. She cross trains several days a week, and really enjoys yoga and CrossFit. Since starting to run she has completed 44 half marathons, and countless shorter distance races. She is an active member of KC Express, and a Half Fanatic (#4222). Look for her at local races and be sure to say hello. Melissa is a wife and mother to two young boys. Be prepared to chat the 13.1 miles, listen to her sing (badly), and discuss the latest and greatest tv shows or movies. Melissa looks forward to helping you push to reach your goals and get you across the finish line!
Half Marathon PR: 2:00:03.9

Jamie H. - 2:40 pacer

Jamie loves running any distance, 5K to 50K! Her favorite is the half-marathon; she's completed 25 of them! Jamie has even run on four continents! She loves running with friends and is so excited to help you achieve your race-day goals!
Half Marathon PR: 2:06

2:45 SmartPace Teams

Shannon G. - 2:45 pacer

Shannon has been running for over 13 years. She has completed 40+ half marathons and 9 marathons. She is a busy mom of 2 young girls and enjoys helping other runners achieve their goals. In addition to running, she enjoys training for triathlons, yoga and traveling.
Half Marathon PR: 2:20

Cynthia S. - 2:45 pacer

Cynthia has been a pace group leader for The Runner's Edge for 13 years. By employing the SmartPace strategy, Cynthia has successfully completed 11 ultras (road and trail), 38 marathons and 43 halves. She was awarded the Road Runner's Club of America Grand Master Award for her finish in the 2010 Brew-to-Brew solo. Cynthia believes running comes from the head, the heart and the gut. She works with her group to use all those to your advantage. And she really enjoys encouraging others to do what they've never done before -- to run farther, to run faster or just to run! And having fun is the best part of it all. Her strategy is to go out slow for the first 2-3 miles, run a mile and then walk a minute, walk through the aid stations for up to a minute, go very slow up hills and make up the time on the down hills while making sure you have even effort breathing the whole time.
Half Marathon PR: 2:25

2:50 SmartPace Teams

Kelly P. - 2:50 pacer

Kelly has been pacing half and full marathons since 2009. She follows the Smart Pacing philosophy - starting out slow to warm up, taking it easy on the uphills, taking advantage of the downhills, and walking through every aid station to fully hydrate. She is fully focused on helping each runner achieve their race goal while having fun along the way. Her goal is to have her runners cross the finish line ahead of her with a smile on their face!
Half Marathon PR: 1:59:13

Sueann S. - 2:50 pacer

Sueann has been a runner with Runner's Edge for the past 8 years. She has paced 8 half marathons and 5 marathons. With the encouragement of her oldest son, she started running at the age of 53. Since then she has run 13 marathons, 14 half marathons, and 1 ultra marathon. The variety of runs includes the “Goofy” run in Orlando and the Dublin Ireland Marathon. She believes in the Smart Pace method which includes a slow start for the first 2-3 miles; running a mile than walking a minute; walking through aid stations; going slow up hills, and increasing speed down the hill. She also believes running should be a fun and long lasting hobby.
Half Marathon PR: 2:30

2:55 SmartPace Teams

Baylie J. - 2:55 pacer

Baylie discovered her love for running while in middle school and spent her high school and college years sprinting around the track. After an 8 year (ish) gap, she re-discovered her love but decided to add a few more miles and started running 5ks and 10Ks. In 2012, she finally settled on the Garmin Half Marathon as her first and didn't look back after that. Since then she has completed over 15 half marathons and 5 marathons, which qualified her to be a member of Marathon Maniacs (#7914) in 2013. Earlier in 2015, she completed her first Ultra Marathon 50K (Virtual Cowtown) and followed it up with a solo finish of Brew to Brew and an attempt at the Canadian Death Race in August. She is very excited to do everything she can to help each runner finish and have a wonderful time while doing so!
Half Marathon PR: 1:56

Julie A. - 2:55 pacer

Julie lives in Kansas City, MO, with her husband, two children, and two Yellow Labrador Retrievers. Since 2010, she has completed 10 marathons and over 16 half marathons. Julie loves running because it helps her stay in shape, and she enjoys meeting amazing people and making new friends. She also likes to help her Labs stay in shape; with their company, she never runs alone. She likes to help others set and achieve goals for themselves, and is looking forward to this pacing opportunity. Half Marathon PR: 2:07
Half Marathon PR: 2:07

3:00 SmartPace Teams

Scotty J. - 3:00 pacer

Inspired by her marathoner daughter and motivated by a MS diagnosis and wheelchair in her past, Scotty started running in January 2008. She just completed her 39th half marathon. Yes, that means the Inaugural Longview Half Marathon will be number 40! She has also completed 5 marathons and a spattering of 5 and 10 K's. Her goal this year has been to log more miles and continue to have fun doing it. Scotty was fortunate to meet the best pacers on the planet the first time she ran Hospital Hill Run. That experience with Janice and Kelly continues to motivate and inspire especially on the "today is not a good running day" days. Scotty has the honor of being a former Hospital Hill Run Hero and after that experience was bitten by the pacer bug. She will use every idea in the Magic Pacer Bag of Tricks to help you cross the finish line. Not being a speedster herself, Scotty recognizes and understands the unique challenges faced by "back-of-the-packers". The goal is not just to finish, but to recognize and take pride in the individual accomplishment. And, have a GREAT time doing it!
Half Marathon PR: 2:38

Sharon J. - 3:00 pacer

Sharon started running after having 3 kids and was “bitten” by the marathon bug. Sharon has completed 16 marathons (her favorite marathons are the NY marathon and the Chicago Marathon), the Disney Dopey 48.6 mile challenge, 3 Twenty mile plus races (her absolute favorite race is in Big Sur, CA), more than 110 half marathons locally and across the country, and is a "Double Agent" (member of both the Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs national running clubs). She looks forward to helping others reach their goals and possibly sharing the thrill of crossing the finish line with those that are new to running half marathons. Sharon uses a run/walk strategy which will allows for a fun, comfortable, strong finish.
Half Marathon PR: 2:19

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