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"The human body can only do so much. Then the heart and spirit must take over." Sohn Kee - chung, 1936 Olympic Marathon Champion

Meet your Pacers for
Kansas City Marathon

Half Marathon Pacers: 1:30 1:35 1:40 1:45 1:50 1:55 2:00 2:05 2:10 2:15 2:20 2:25 2:30 2:35 2:40 2:45 2:50 2:55 3:00 3:10 3:20

Full Marathon Pacers: 3:15 3:30 3:40 3:50 4:00 4:10 4:20 4:30 4:40 4:50 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45

Half Marathon SmartPace Teams

1:30 SmartPace Teams

Paul H. - 1:30 pacer

Paul has been an avid runner since high school and has competed in half marathons, marathons, triathlons up to the full Ironman distance and trail ultra marathons. He loves reaching for new goals and enjoys even more to help others do the same. During college he was a coach of a local youth XC club, helping kids realize their potential. He is excited to help you reach your race day goals and plans on having a hoarse voice by the end of the race from all the cheering.
Half Marathon PR: 1:24

Ryan W. - 1:30 pacer

Ryan started running XC and track in Jr. High, and has loved it ever since. During college, he created the K-State Marathon Club, and pushed many runners to complete their first half and full marathon, with several qualifying for 2013 Boston Marathon. In 2012 he organized a team relay to run across the state of Kansas with only 8 runners. He loves seeing people achieve their goals and doing more than they think possible. Ryan is excited to be a pacer and hopes give those running with him the encouragement to achieve their own goals.
Half Marathon PR: 1:18

1:35 SmartPace Teams

Mark M. - 1:35 pacer

Mark has been an avid racer in both triathlons and marathons for the past 10 years. He is motivated to run by his appetite for fast food and by the friendly competitiveness he shares with his twin brother. Mark has completed numerous half-Ironmans, long distance triathlons, and marathons. Mark's favorite accomplishment was finishing the 2007 Wisconsin Ironman. He has paced a half marathon and a full marathon, so he knows the importance of following the Smart Pacing Strategy. His number one key for success is not beginning the race at peak race pace, which can be very challenging for some. He has had lots of success with using the Smart Pacing Strategy in his own races and he knows that if you follow it with him, you will also.
Half Marathon PR: 1:27

Mark M. - 1:35 pacer

Mark’s passion for running and competing in triathlon started back in ’07 after KC local hero Matt Mason told him to "Cowboy Up" and start training. The addiction quickly set in and he’s fully embraced the endurance lifestyle having raced in all distances and becoming a running and triathlon coach. Mark loves encouraging first timers and seeing athletes of all abilities dig deep and finish strong. His upbeat, positive attitude and firm belief in the Smart Pacing Strategy will help set you up for that strong finish.
Half Marathon PR: 1:25

1:40 SmartPace Teams

Janell M. - 1:40 pacer

Janell started running in high school as a way to improve her soccer performance running both cross country and track in high school and college (Missouri Valley College). Janell took a few years away from running after college, returning after she had her daughter as a way to get back in shape. After completing her first 5k she fell in love with the sport all over again and has fallen even more in love with the running community. As a new runner, Janell relied heavily on the pacers support and believes they were a huge help in reaching her goals. She wants to pay it forward and help others reach their goals, in return.
Half Marathon PR: 1:22:50

Jimmy M. - 1:40 pacer

Jimmy has been an avid racer in both triathlons and marathons for the past 10 years. He is motivated to run by his appetite for fast food and by the friendly competitiveness he shares with his twin brother. Jimmy has completed numerous half-Ironmans, long distance triathlons, and marathons. His favorite accomplishment was finishing the 2007 Wisconsin Ironman. He has paced a half marathon and a full marathon, so he knows the importance of following the SmartPacing Strategy. His number one key for success is not beginning the race at peak race pace, which can be very challenging for some. He has had lots of success with using the Smart Pacing Strategy in his own races and he knows that if you follow it with him, you will also.
Half Marathon PR: 1:25

1:45 SmartPace Teams

Chris G. - 1:45 pacer

Chris has run 46 marathons and about twice that many halfs, including pacing for 4 marathons and 20+ halfs. He enjoys distance running because it's excellent practice in not quitting, and entering marathons is good motivation for staying in shape. For Chris as with most geezers, the idea of starting slow is appealing, and the Smartpacing strategy is a lot more enjoyable than running dead even splits. The challenge will be to see how many laughs can be generated the last part of the race.
Half Marathon PR: 1:22

Scott M. - 1:45 pacer

Scott started running in 2010 at the age of 47 when he ran his first 5K. He quickly caught the running bug and started training to run further and faster. He followed his newly found interest and pushed himself to complete his first half marathon, Rock The Parkway, in 2011. Scott has now completed 14 half marathons and ventured into the marathon distance starting with the Kansas City Marathon in 2012. He qualified for Boston and ran that for the first time in 2016. He has completed 8 marathons including Chicago and Disney. Scott enjoys running with others and helping them meet their goals as well as celebrating after races with a frosty beverage.
Half Marathon PR: 1:33:09

1:50 SmartPace Teams

Dan S. - 1:50 pacer

Dan has been running competitively for over 10 years, competing in over 10 half marathons and dozens of 10k and 5k races. In 2014, Dan achieved his highest competitive accomplishment finishing 4th in the male overall division in the Heartland 30K, completing three 10k's in a total time of 2:07. His half-marathon PR of 1:34 was recorded at the 2014 Kansas City Corporate Challenge. Dan believes in having a pacing plan for every race he competes in. His strategy is starting with a swift warm-up pace, settling into a consistent race pace, and saving some energy for a strong finish and a great race experience. Dan loves helping those around them achieve their goals as an academic coach, corporate trainer and professional speaker. He is excited to help his fellow runners achieve their goals and have fun while doing it!
Half Marathon PR: 1:34

Jadin W. - 1:50 pacer

Jadin has been an avid runner and triathlete since 2007. He has completed numerous road and trail races from 5Ks to the marathon. His triathlon resume includes sprints all the way through the half-ironman (70.3) distance. Jadin loves the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that racing provides; and finds equal enjoyment in pacing others to their goals and PRs. He will utilize coaching and smart pacing in an effort to provide you with the best opportunity for an optimal performance on race day!
Half Marathon PR: 1:28

1:55 SmartPace Teams

Chad M. - 1:55 pacer

Chad got into running after his first of two ACL surgeries. His goal with any race is to finish and have a good time doing it. Chad enjoys helping fellow athletes hit their goals and is happy to answer any (ANY) questions they may have along the way. Chad's racing history is marked with half marathons, marathons, Ironman 70.3s (Half Ironman) and he completed his first full distance Ironman in 2010.
Half Marathon PR: 1:33:00

Daniel T. - 1:55 pacer

Daniel started running as a way to keep healthy. After moving to Kansas City and joining some fellow runners work outs and runs, started to become more competive! Thrilled with the progress and continuing PR's he wanted to start helping others push themselves and achieve their goals.
Half Marathon PR: 1:32:38

2:00 SmartPace Teams

Herschel D. - 2:00 pacer

Herschel is an avid runner and enjoys helping others reach their goals. He has run 19 marathons, 21 half marathons and numerous triathlons, including one Full Ironman and 4 half IM. He is a big believer in the 3F's of running....fitness, friends and food, all great benefits of running. He has personally experienced the kindness and support of the running community, most recently during an Ironman event when a fellow competitor stopped to help fix a flat, giving up his time in the event. Herschel believes this is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other, our time and support. His uses the Smart Pacing strategy and is a firm believer in allowing the body to get warmed up before pushing for goal times. He has used the walk through aid station strategy to help his group stay hydrated and relaxed. You will hear him loud and clear as he shouts out tips and encouragement. He also will welcome any tips you have to make it a more enjoyable experience for you.
Half Marathon PR: 1:35

Roger S. - 2:00 pacer

Roger has completed 24 marathons, including six Boston Marathons, with a personal best of 3:17. He has paced the Kansas City Marathon five times as well as over 20 half marathons. Roger will be practicing the SmartPace technique, with brisk walks through each aid station. Roger plans to be hoarse by the end of the race due to all the cheering and encouragement offered up during the race. He's looking forward to helping you attain your race goals!
Half Marathon PR: 1:34

2:05 SmartPace Teams

Kris B. - 2:05 pacer

Kris enjoys helping runners get to the fiinish line. She paced the KC Marathon three years ago and came in 30 seconds before her Pace time. She has run a total of 15 marathons and numerous half marathons. She is a personal fitness trainer and certified running coach. Her favorite saying is "Pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body".

Richard T. - 2:05 pacer

Richard is eager to assist you with race goals. Whether you are pushing for a PR or attempting your first half marathon, he's ready to help. Bottom, line he's wants you to have fun and cross the finish line smiling. Richard really enjoys helping new runners. It was not long ago, that he completed his first half marathon. So he's very aware what a new runner goes through and questions that you may have. Richard had completed numerous half marathons, 9 full marathons, and a 50K.
Half Marathon PR: 1:39

2:10 SmartPace Teams

Holly J. - 2:10 pacer

Holly has always loved running! She ran her first half marathon in 2002 and her first marathon was the 2009 Kansas City Marathon, where she qualified for, and ran, the 2010 Boston Marathon. She has since run several more half's and 2 more full marathons. She was selected by Saucony in 2013 to be part of the 26Strong team as a veteran runner. She coached her friend through her first marathon. Their journey was documented in Competitor and Women's Running magazine and online. She is so excited to be part of the Smart Pacing team and is looking forward to helping you reach your goal!
Half Marathon PR: 1:39

Jenny R. - 2:10 pacer

Jenny has been running for over 25 years and has completed 33 marathons with a goal to run one in every state! She has paced several races and enjoys helping other runners reach their goals. After running Boston, Jenny believes you can achieve anything with patience, motivation and hard work. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and her family including her husband, newborn daughter (April 2016) and dog Rocky! Jenny's favorite quote is: “The pain that you feel during a workout or race is nothing compared to the pain that you’ll feel if you don’t meet your goal”. Jenny is energetic, passionate and motivating! She also believes in having fun when running, so you may get a laugh or two if you join her pace group!
Half Marathon PR: 1:35

2:15 SmartPace Teams

Joe H. - 2:15 pacer

Joe started running in 2009 and has been hooked ever since. He has completed numerous half and full marathons, with many more to come! Joe enjoys setting a goal for himself for every race and has met or exceeded those goals every time. He looks forward to helping you reach your goals and have a little fun at the same time!
Half Marathon PR: 1:42

Molly R. - 2:15 pacer

Molly started running shortly after moving to KC. She has now completed numerous half-marathons, and enjoys running on Saturday mornings with Runner's Edge. Molly uses the Smart Pace Strategy, which allows her to finish racing feeling strong and with some "kick" left! This will be the first season of pacing for Molly; she looks forward to encouraging and helping the running community accomplish their personal goals! Molly has helped friends achieve PRs during races and has encouraged friends/family all the way to the top of numerous 14ers in Colorado! She can't wait to cross the finish line with you.
Half Marathon PR: 1:54

2:20 SmartPace Teams

Mark G. - 2:20 pacer

Mark Gudgel is a native of Nebraska and a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who transitioned from four-years of high school as a cross country runner and began running half and full marathons toward the end of his college career. His favorite races include the Chicago Marathon, the "Psycho Wyco" in KC, and of course the Lincoln Half! When he isn't running, Mark plays basketball, travels the world, and teaches high school English. 2012 marks a new milestone in Mark's running career as he begins pacing for other runners. He is excited to be able to give back to the sport in this way, and is excite to help other runners meet their goals!
Half Marathon PR: 1:48

Stephanie S. - 2:20 pacer

Stephanie has been running since the birth of her son - 17 years ago. Having never been a fan of running, she knew it was a fast way to lose the baby weight she had gained during her pregnancy...all 52 lbs. of it. Never one to do anything halfway, she decided not only to start running, but to do a full marathon on her first Mother's Day as a mom, which was 7 1/2 months later. Of course, like all runners, Stephanie got hit by the running bug, and hasn't stopped since. She has completed 20 marathons, including qualifying for and running Boston. Stephanie is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Nutrition Specialist, and serves on the Advisory Board for the Olathe School District as their Fitness Expert. Stephanie is also the Group Exercise Coordinator and Manager for the Sprint Headquarters Fitness Facility. She has been pacing for 8 years, and has paced Longview the past two years. Stephanie is super excited to be going back, and looks forward to meeting everyone in her pace group!
Half Marathon PR: 1:38

2:25 SmartPace Teams

Jackie D. - 2:25 pacer

Jackie ran her first marathon after her first son was born. Then she continued that pattern for three more kids. She's now completed 23 marathons (but she doesn't have that many kids!), numerous half marathons, the solo Brew to Brew run, and a Half Ironman. She thoroughly enjoys running at the crack of dawn watching the sun rise. Her favorite running quote comes from Eric Liddell, "When I run I feel His pleasure." She loves pacing others even more than she enjoys reaching her own PR's. She looks forward to motivating every runner and having lots of fun along the way!
Half Marathon PR: 1:43

Megan F. - 2:25 pacer

Megan has been running since the birth of her second daughter in 2010. She has run nearly 30 1/2 marathons, including 1 trail 1/2. She loves the 2:25 groups, describing them as the party crowd! She works as a Recreation Director for Garden Terrace at Overland Park, a Skilled Nursing Facility for individual's with dementia. She often races as a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association. Megan enjoys meeting new people and exchanging running experiences and tips. She is excited to help you reach your race day goals!!
Half Marathon PR: 2:04

2:30 SmartPace Teams

Miguel C. - 2:30 pacer

I started running endurance events in 2004 and to date I've finished 16 marathons and 15 halfs (er, pikermis...if you're sore about the subject). I Started pacing 2 yrs ago as a way to "pay back" for all the help I received when I first started running. I plan on running "even effort" and finish with a smile on my face. I look forward to helping you reach the finish line
Half Marathon PR: 1:48

Mary L. - 2:30 pacer

While always physically active, Mary did not become a long distance runner until after the age of 40. She set a goal to run a full marathon as a “bucket list” item and in the process discovered a passion for running. She has now completed 14 full marathons and over 20 half marathons. She enjoys being in the company of other runners and encouraging them to achieve their goals. Mary’s hope is that you complete the race by not only meeting your goal, but also having fun in the process!
Half Marathon PR: 1:59

2:35 SmartPace Teams

Vita-Roxanne J. - 2:35 pacer

Vita-Roxanne grew up watching her mother run and now follows in her footsteps. She took up running in 2011 to get back into shape after having her second child and has not stopped since. Vita started out running a variety of 5k's and 10k's but she soon stepped up to her favorite race distance, the half marathon. Since running her first half marathon in 2012, Vita has completed 15+ half marathons. She completed the 39.3 series in 2014 and 2015 followed by the Hospital Hill Run and still managed a PR of sub 2 at the Garmin Half. With the support of her husband and 2 children she has also completed the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2013 and 2014, the TCS New York City Marathon in 2015, Garmin Marathon in Spring 2016 and is currently training for a 50 mile Ultra race in the Fall. Vita absolutely lives to run. She also loves to pace! You may recognize her from multiple half marathons in 2015 including Garmin half, Hospital Hill, Lee's Summit Half, KC Half, and Longview Half Marathons. She is eager to help others achieve their race goals just like so many have done for her. Vita is uplifting and encouraging and strongly believes that if she can do it you can too! She is ready to help you make this race YOUR RACE!
Half Marathon PR: 1:57

Thomas R. - 2:35 pacer

Thomas lives in Lenexa KS. A Husker fan originally from Nebraska, Thomas has been running for most of his life! As a member of Runner's Edge, Thomas has participated in multiple different marathons as well as half marathon events all throughout the Midwest, stretching even as far as San Diego and Utah! Thomas is committed to helping other people accomplish their individual racing goals through a combination of SmartPace and Run Walk!
Half Marathon PR: 1:55

2:40 SmartPace Teams

Julie A. - 2:40 pacer

Julie lives in Kansas City, MO, with her husband, two children, and two Yellow Labrador Retrievers. Since 2010, she has completed 10 marathons and over 16 half marathons. Julie loves running because it helps her stay in shape, and she enjoys meeting amazing people and making new friends. She also likes to help her Labs stay in shape; with their company, she never runs alone. She likes to help others set and achieve goals for themselves, and is looking forward to this pacing opportunity. Half Marathon PR: 2:07
Half Marathon PR: 2:07

Jamie H. - 2:40 pacer

Jamie loves running any distance, 5K to 50K! Her favorite is the half-marathon; she's completed 25 of them! Jamie has even run on four continents! She loves running with friends and is so excited to help you achieve your race-day goals!
Half Marathon PR: 2:06

2:45 SmartPace Teams

Annette G. - 2:45 pacer

Annette has been running for 7 years and has run 15 marathons (12 states) and seven half-marathons. Last fall she ran her first ultra-marathon, North Face Endurance Challenge (31 miles) in 5:30. She has paced two marathons (KC) and five-half marathons and views this as an opportunity to help others reach their personal goals. Annette loves to run at a conversational pace, enjoying a walk break through each water station, and a good lean on the down-hill slide. In addition, a good walk break on a steep hill is a strong possibility. Her personal goal is to complete a 50-mile run by age 50 and to complete a marathon in all 50 states by her 65th birthday. She is excited to help every runner in her group reach the finish line right on time. Marathon PR: 4:28:23
Half Marathon PR: 2:04:40

Laura K. - 2:45 pacer

Laura is a former cross country runner who got hooked on half marathons in college. Her first half marathon was the Disneyworld half with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training. Almost twenty years later and many more races, the half marathon is still by far her favorite distance. She loves an energetic race with big crowds, enthusiastic volunteers, and friendly fellow runners. Laura started pacing races this past year and really enjoys helping fellow runners meet their time goals. Outside of races, she can be found running on local trails with her kids on their bikes and tagging along in the jogging stroller.
Half Marathon PR: 1:50

2:50 SmartPace Teams

Shannon G. - 2:50 pacer

Shannon has been running for over 13 years. She has completed 40+ half marathons and 9 marathons. She is a busy mom of 2 young girls and enjoys helping other runners achieve their goals. In addition to running, she enjoys training for triathlons, yoga and traveling.
Half Marathon PR: 2:20

Jim K. - 2:50 pacer

Jim has run 18 full marathons across the US and several half marathons. He is from Omaha, NE and is a big Husker FB fan and Creighton BB fan. His motto is to "Keep on Truckin....."!
Half Marathon PR: 1:43

2:55 SmartPace Teams

Lindsey M. - 2:55 pacer

Lindsey was active in high school and ran for fitness off and on through college. After the birth of her son in 2014, she picked up running to lose the baby weight. She set a goal in 2015 to run her first half marathon, and was able to complete 4 half marathons, 3 of which within 60 days - qualifying as a Half Fanatic (#12988)! What started as fitness goals, running became a passion and a way to relax and unwind. Lindsey is eager to encourage other people to run their best race. Lindsey's PR was set at the KC Half Marathon in 2015 with the help of the Smart Pacers and became a pacer to help others achieve their goals.
Half Marathon PR: 2:09:55

Layne W. - 2:55 pacer

Layne starting running in 2011, and over time has made it more and more important in her life. Her goals have (slightly) altered from being a full time photographer into getting her personal training certification because she wants to motivate others towards their health goals. Pacing is fun for Layne, and she is excited to jump in with both feet and help her runners cross the finish line happy and injury free! She wants you to sit back and not worry about time. You can depend fully on Layne to get you where you need to be. Layne likes to have fun, so feel free to tell her crazy stories or jokes. You'll have a lot of time together, so get comfy! Half Fanatic #5369
Half Marathon PR: 2:30

3:00 SmartPace Teams

Amy C. - 3:00 pacer

Amy owes her love for running to her son's cross country coach. The coach encouraged parents to run the road races with the team. One race and she was hooked! After running several 5ks, she decided to give the longer distances a try. Her first half was Hospital Hill in Kansas City. That same coach paced her all the way!!! Amy believes that life should be lived to the fullest and that a positive attitude makes life more fun!!! Come join Amy and be uplifted as we take each mile as it comes with a smile!!!
Half Marathon PR: 2:35

Suzanne M. - 3:00 pacer

Suzanne enjoys running with friends and family. She loves 5ks, 10ks and trail runs, and has enjoyed half marathons and obstacle challenges. She started off by running track in high school, and after college she decided to go back to track...but this time as a middle school and high school coach! Suzanne's two children have also fallen in love with running and she enjoys doing 5ks and 10ks with them by her side. Suzanne looks forward to sharing her excitement and energy with those in her pace group!
Half Marathon PR: 2:30

3:10 SmartPace Teams

Sharon J. - 3:10 pacer

Sharon started running after having 3 kids and was “bitten” by the marathon bug. Sharon has completed 15 marathons (her favorite marathons are the NY marathon and the Chicago Marathon), the Disney Dopey 48.6 mile challenge, 3 Twenty mile plus races (her absolute favorite race is in Big Sur, CA), more than 90 half marathons locally and across the country, and is a "Double Agent" (member of both the Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs national running clubs). She looks forward to helping others reach their goals and possibly sharing the thrill of crossing the finish line with those that are new to running half marathons. Sharon uses a run/walk strategy which will allows for a fun, comfortable, strong finish.
Half Marathon PR: 2:19

3:20 SmartPace Teams

Scotty J. - 3:20 pacer

Inspired by her marathoner daughter and motivated by a MS diagnosis and wheelchair in her past, Scotty started running in January 2008. She just completed her 39th half marathon. Yes, that means the Inaugural Longview Half Marathon will be number 40! She has also completed 5 marathons and a spattering of 5 and 10 K's. Her goal this year has been to log more miles and continue to have fun doing it. Scotty was fortunate to meet the best pacers on the planet the first time she ran Hospital Hill Run. That experience with Janice and Kelly continues to motivate and inspire especially on the "today is not a good running day" days. Scotty has the honor of being a former Hospital Hill Run Hero and after that experience was bitten by the pacer bug. She will use every idea in the Magic Pacer Bag of Tricks to help you cross the finish line. Not being a speedster herself, Scotty recognizes and understands the unique challenges faced by "back-of-the-packers". The goal is not just to finish, but to recognize and take pride in the individual accomplishment. And, have a GREAT time doing it!
Half Marathon PR: 2:38

Full Marathon SmartPace Teams

3:15 SmartPace Teams

Xiaolin L. - 3:15 pacer

Xiaolin was passion about running in high school and college, and he started running again when his son Sihan went to college in 2012. He has run several marathons and half marathons include Chicago and Boston. Xiaolin is excited to be pacing for the first time and knows the importance of pacers and the smart pacing method. He looks forward to helping you achieve your race goals and have fun along the way!
Marathon PR: 2:59:40

Andrew U. - 3:15 pacer

Andrew was a college swimmer converted triathlete competing in distances up to Madison Ironman in 2010 and Louisville in 2014 although his passion is mainly for running. His best running experience was when he ran Burning River 100 with huge support from his now Fiance along with friends and family. He is currently working on his goal of completing a marathon or longer distance in all 50 states with plans to have 39 completed by the end of 2016. He's looking forward to helping you attain your race goals!
Marathon PR: 2:48

3:30 SmartPace Teams

Scott M. - 3:30 pacer

Scott has been running for four years and has completed 10 marathons.
Marathon PR: 2:57

Scott S. - 3:30 pacer

Scott started running several years ago as a new challenge and way to stay fit. He runs all distances from 5K to marathon as well as triathlons from Sprint to full Ironman but seems to find himself doing marathons the most. As your pacer you can expect very consistent splits and a well planned race.
Marathon PR: 3:10

3:40 SmartPace Teams

Marvin M. - 3:40 pacer

Marvin has been pacing for a couple of seasons and has been running since the 1970's. His first marathon was the Kansas City Macy's Marathon in 1981 and first half was Hospital Hill in 1979. He has run 30+ marathons and a collection of ultra's including the Leadville 100 in 2013. Marvin loves motivating runners and will help you dig deep. "It's all about the Pace"
Marathon PR: 3:03

Stephanie M. - 3:40 pacer

Stephanie started running for fun and as a way to keep in shape in between weekend soccer games about 6 years ago. She signed up for her first half in 2012, and became hooked on distance running. She has run everything from a 5k to a 50k, and is the current Missouri women's record holder at the 50k distance in her age group. She enjoys recovery runs with her dachshund Norman. She just ran her first Boston Marathon in 2016! She looks forward to helping people meet personal running goals, while making the marathon experience a great one!
Marathon PR: 3:20

3:50 SmartPace Teams

Jamie G. - 3:50 pacer

Jamie began running in college as a way to stay in shape. On a whim she decided to train for a half-marathon and fell in love with distance running. Since then she has run 10 marathons and several half-marathons. She is excited to have finally qualified for the Boston Marathon and looking forward to running it in 2015. Jamie is new to the pacing world and extremely excited to motivate others to reach their running goals.
Marathon PR: 3:24

Brittney H. - 3:50 pacer

Brittney ran her first half marathon in 2005 and afterwards her legs felt like jello, she couldn't imagine how and why people would ever run double the distance! A year later she decided to take the plunge and ran her first full marathon and has now run 27 marathons in her pursuit to complete a marathon in every state. The atmosphere of any race day is so motivating and she is motivated by each and every person she encounters on the course, everybody has a story and a reason to be out there running. She firmly believes that everybody is faster than they think!
Marathon PR: 3:21

4:00 SmartPace Teams

Al M. - 4:00 pacer

Al has being pacing since 2007 and has learned that good pacing is 50% keeping the right speed at the right time and 50% amusing, cheering, pushing, carrying, dousing, encouraging and, if necessary, lying to get you across the line. He and his co-pacer will keep your mind off your pain. If you have the training to get to mile 20, he will do everything he can do to get you through the last 6.2.
Marathon PR: 3:19

Jim S. - 4:00 pacer

Jim ran cross country and track in high school. He also ran cross country in college at Rockhurst University. After college he took some time off from running. After his daughter was born his sister convinced him to run the Chicago Marathon for charity. Since then he has run 15 marathons including 3 as a pacer for the 4:00 group in Kansas City. He has also paced for the Hospital Hill half marathon and is a big advocate for the smart pacing strategy.
Marathon PR: 3:28

4:10 SmartPace Teams

Ryan B. - 4:10 pacer

Ryan has been an avid runner since high school cross country, continuing to run throughout the years for enjoyment and fitness. After taking a break from racing, he got hooked again with a 5k in the spring of 2013 which led to his first half marathon at the KC half that fall. He has run several 5ks, 3 10ks, 6 half marathons, and 3 full marathons. He completed the I-35 Challenge in 2014, running the KC Marathon and Des Moines Marathon on consecutive days. The best advice he can give any long distance runner is to train consistently, build your base slowly, and incorporate a variety of different workouts to improve different aspects of your fitness. Also finding at least one consistent training partner will help motivate you and keep things fun. Ryan is quick to make friends and wants to hear about your goals and progress. This will help him push you to run your best and celebrate with you when you cross the finish line!
Marathon PR: 3:34

Robert M. - 4:10 pacer

Robert started running in high school cross country but took several years off after that. He began running again just a couple years ago and since then has ran 14 Marathons and many half's. He contributes most if his success to his long time training partners, "they get me up and get me motivated" He said, "We log a LOT of miles together and frankly I would never have gotten anywhere without them". He knows that the people around you in training AND a race can greatly increase your performance and he hopes to get you to your goal too.
Marathon PR: 3:17

4:20 SmartPace Teams

Danny M. - 4:20 pacer

Danny began running marathons with the 2005 Chicago Marathon and has completed more than 50 marathons and ultra-marathons since then—including two 100-mile races. He also once ran 120 miles of a 200 mile race, but quit once he realized 200 miles was a long way.

He tends to believe in having fun during a race while getting you to the finish line in mostly one piece. So, expect random trivia, pointless stories and occasional costume when running with him.

Danny recently got his son Toby to sign up for his first marathon. Unfortunately, Toby has had some difficulty with the training plan—sitting in a stroller for four hours is exhausting.

Marathon PR: 3:38

Wael S. - 4:20 pacer

Wael has been running since 2008. He has completed several ultra trail races, several half marathons and full marathons. He enjoys trail running with the Kansas City Trail Nerds. Wael completed three 100 mile ultra runs with a sub-24 hour finish in Feb, 2014.
Marathon PR: 3:36

4:30 SmartPace Teams

Tyler A. - 4:30 pacer

After picking up running in college, Tyler has completed three marathons and too many half marathons to count. He is on a quest to complete a marathon in all 50 states (...maybe). From movie quotes, food, beer, traveling, music, sports/fitness, never living in one place for more than two years, and relating everything in life around Seinfeld episodes, you'll be sure to find something to talk with him about within a few miles.
Marathon PR: 3:37

Bob W. - 4:30 pacer

Kansas City is Bob's favorite marathon. He ran his first ever here in 2007 and got his PR here in 2013. He has completed the KC full 5 times (and the half once) and keeps coming back for more! Besides the KC Marathon Bob has run quite a few others including trail 50ks and over 20 half-marathons. He recently completed a night half marathon followed by a 50 mile trail run the next day. This is Bob's second time pacing, he paced the KC Full last year for the 4:30 group as well. Last year Bob finished in 4:30:02 -- seeking revenge this year Bob vows to get you across the line in 4:29:59!
Marathon PR: 3:34

4:40 SmartPace Teams

Jen T. - 4:40 pacer

Jen is a lifelong runner, mostly running for fun and fitness, until finding longer races in 2007. She completed her first marathon in 2008. This fall she’ll pace Kansas City (marathon #12) and then drive up I-35 to run Des Moines the next day. In 2011 she moved to the Kansas City area and was thrilled to find a vibrant running community after living in the middle of nowhere for many years. She runs most of her miles with a crazy group of friends at 5 am before work, and is grateful that someone is always is willing to meet her and keep her company for a run. She loves running with friends, old and new, and will consider you a friend from the first few steps! Jen loves the Smart Pacing philosophy, especially starting slower to warm up, and running even effort on the hills. She can’t wait to help you meet your goals on the road!
Marathon PR: 3:42

Malachi O. - 4:40 pacer

Malachi is an ultra addicted & over caffeinated runner. He has run many marathons and half marathons and currently is training to complete a 100 mile ultra marathon this fall. His desire to to see every runner crush their goals. Knowing that accomplishing running goals not only effects our running but our lives, relationships, and careers!
Marathon PR: 3:14

4:50 SmartPace Teams

Todd C. - 4:50 pacer

Completing the Chicago Marathon in 1995 was one of the most inspiring days of Todd's life. Four months earlier, he had never run more than three miles. When he finished he was surprised and thrilled! His friends, the volunteers, the crowd, and his fellow runners all helped Todd finish that first marathon. Now, he gives back when he can by pacing, and mainly runs to support his cheeseburger and beer habit.
Marathon PR: 3:45

Michael B. - 4:50 pacer

Mike has completed 167 marathons in 39 different states. His past pacing experiences have included the Kansas City Marathon, the Lincoln Marathon and the Olathe Marathon. Mike is passionate about sharing his many running experiences with others and supporting all marathoners in doing their personal best.
Marathon PR: 3.35

5:00 SmartPace Teams

Megan D. - 5:00 pacer

Megan began running five years ago, after the birth of her sixth child. Since then she's completed many half marathons, twelve marathons, a triathlon (ask her to tell you the story of her goggles!) and an ultra. She loves early morning runs with her friends, especially when they involve breakfast afterward. Megan promises to motivate and encourage you all the way to the finish line.
Marathon PR: 4:28

Amy W. - 5:00 pacer

As a mother of four children, Amy enjoys both the mental and physical health benefits of running. Growing up with a father who ran regularly, Amy attended many races but didn't start running until after she was married. Now she has completed 12 marathons and many half marathons. Having grown up cheering on her dad and other racers, pacing is great fit for Amy, encouraging others while still being able to run the race too.
Marathon PR: 4:19:44

5:15 SmartPace Teams

Kristin P. - 5:15 pacer

I have run over 100 marathons, but the most rewarding races are the ones I've been able to share with other runners while pacing. I love to keep things positive and optimistic, so be prepared to laugh a lot at my corny jokes if you run with me!
Marathon PR: 3:53

Jonathan D. - 5:15 pacer

Jonathan took up running shortly after the birth of his first child. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 3.5 years prior, questions started to be raised regarding how active and involved he would be in his daughter's life. Questions like 'Will I be able to coach her soccer team?, teach her how to ride a bike?, how many years until I am in a wheelchair?, will I be able to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day?; we have yet to decide if we will even let her date! Jonathan’s thoughts turned to a proactive way he could be intentional about taking better care of myself. He turned to running. To date, eleven years into his MS journey, Jonathan has completed 23 marathons in 23 states and hopes to be at 30 states by the end of 2016. He began using a modified Jeff Galloway method of taking regular walk breaks during all of the water stops beginning with his 6th marathon, the day after meeting Jeff Galloway in Atlanta. His goal is to complete a marathon in all 50 states before he turns 50. Jonathan feels blessed to be able to do so much 15 years into his diagnosis. His ultimate goal is to run Boston as a charity runner for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Jonathan has paced the 4:45 marathon group in Hartford, CT to a finish within 10 seconds of that goal and he looks forward to pacing in Kansas City this year!
Marathon PR: 4:10

5:30 SmartPace Teams

Tom M. - 5:30 pacer

Tom ran track and cross country in high school, and after graduation ran his first marathon, the Heart of America, in 1976. He ran various 10Ks (PR 35:00) and also got his marathon PR of 3:12 in the 1980's. After a couple decade kid and job induced sabbatical from running, he returned in 2010. He has waddled through 15 marathons and numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons. With help from excellent pacers he got his first BQ at the Oklahoma City marathon in 4/24/16. Again, aided by excellent pacing, he got a recent PR at Hospital Hill. Inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of these pacers, Tom paced the Joplin marathon. He looks forward to helping runners achieve their goals with the SmartPacing system.
Marathon PR: 3:12

Katrina J. - 5:30 pacer

Katrina has always loved playing team sports but decided to start running in 2008. She ran her first marathon in 2009 and uses marathons, and half marathons, as a way to vacation to new places across the country. She has also participated in a few sprint triathlons, trail runs and finished her 1st 50k in the fall. She is a certified running coach that works with a local women's group to encourage them to get active and healthy. Whatever the distance, and whatever the pace, she enjoys the fellowship of running with other people.
Marathon PR: 4:27

5:45 SmartPace Teams

Sueann S. - 5:45 pacer

Sueann has been a runner with Runner's Edge for the past 8 years. She has paced 8 half marathons and 5 marathons. With the encouragement of her oldest son, she started running at the age of 53. Since then she has run 13 marathons, 14 half marathons, and 1 ultra marathon. The variety of runs includes the “Goofy” run in Orlando and the Dublin Ireland Marathon. She believes in the Smart Pace method which includes a slow start for the first 2-3 miles; running a mile than walking a minute; walking through aid stations; going slow up hills, and increasing speed down the hill. She also believes running should be a fun and long lasting hobby.
Marathon PR: 5:15

Cynthia S. - 5:45 pacer

Cynthia has been a pace group leader for The Runner's Edge for 11 years. By employing the SmartPace strategy, Cynthia has successfully completed more than 40 marathons and many more halves; Hospital Hill 2009-2015; Olathe Oz 2008-2016; Rock the Parkway 2010-2016; and Lincoln, Neb. 2011-2013, as well as others; two ultra road runs (31 miles x2), 10 ultra trail runs (50 miles, 40 miles, 44 miles x2, 38 miles, and 31 miles x5), and the Lake Tahoe Triple. She was awarded the Road Runner's Club of America Grand Master Award for her finish in the 2010 Brew-to-Brew solo. Cynthia believes running comes from the head, the heart and the gut. She works with her group to use all those to your advantage. And she really enjoys encouraging others to do what they've never done before -- to run farther, to run faster or just to run! And having fun is the best part of it all. Her strategy is to go out slow for the first 2-3 miles, run a mile and then walk a minute, walk through the aid stations for up to a minute, go very slow up hills and make up the time on the down hills while making sure you have even effort breathing the whole time.
Marathon PR: 4:56

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