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Liberty Hospital Half - 03/03/2018

Go! St. Louis - 04/08/2018

Rock the Parkway - 04/14/2018

Garmin Marathon - 04/21/2018

Words to run by

"First or last..it's the same finish line." John Bingham

Meet your Pacers for
Gobbler Grind Marathon & Half Marathon

Half Marathon Pacers: 1:35 1:40 1:45 1:50 1:55 2:00 2:05 2:10 2:15 2:20 2:25 2:30 2:35 2:40 2:45 2:50 2:55 3:00

Full Marathon Pacers: 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30

Half Marathon SmartPace Teams

1:35 SmartPace Teams

Matt H. - 1:35 pacer

Matt has several pacing events under his belt and is excited to help with more races. Ultimately his passion for pacing is to help runners achieve their own goals and at the end of the race hear that those around him hit PRs and/or couldn't have finished that well if it wasn't for him. Lots of friends would describe him as inspiring and he wishes to help each runner with words of encouragement and advice before, during, and after the race. Matt started running with high school football and track but didn't really become committed to endurance running until the past couple years and has fallen in love with running and being a part of the running community. Matt is convinced that pace groups add a huge benefit for people to reach their goals and is looking forward to sharing laughs and encouragement with you each mile of the race.
Half Marathon PR: 1:19

1:40 SmartPace Teams

Scott M. - 1:40 pacer

Scott started running in 2010 at the age of 47 when he ran his first 5K. He quickly caught the running bug and started training to run further and faster. He has now completed 9 full marathons including, Boston (2016), Chicago (2015) and Disney (2015) and 22 half marathons. Scott starting pacing in 2016 and has paced 5 half marathons and found that helping others was as rewarding as PRing! He is looking forward to pacing his first full! Scott’s most recent marathon was Grandmas in Duluth in June with a time of 3:17. Of the 22 half marathons, 6 were completed in 2017 with the most recent one being San Francisco. Running over the Golden Gate bridge is definitely one to remember. Once the race is complete Scott enjoys celebrating with a nice frosty beverage.
Half Marathon PR: 1:33:09

1:45 SmartPace Teams

Stephanie M. - 1:45 pacer

Stephanie started running for fun and as a way to keep in shape in between weekend soccer games about 7 years ago. She signed up for her first half in 2012, and became hooked on distance running. She has run everything from a 5k to a 50k, and is the current Missouri women's record holder at the 50k distance in her age group. She enjoys recovery runs with her dachshund Norman. She has ran 17 full marathons to date, including 2 consecutive Boston Marathons and 3 consecutive Chicago Marathons! She looks forward to helping people meet personal running goals, while making the marathon experience a great one!
Half Marathon PR: 1:34

1:50 SmartPace Teams

Eric S. - 1:50 pacer

Eric has been running for over 12 years. One aspect Eric enjoys about running is meeting other runners in the community; they understand what’s it's like to have a crazy addiction for running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eric also enjoys helping and encouraging runners achieve their goals. Eric has completed multiple half marathons, 20 marathons, 2 50 milers and a 100 miles and he is confident that you will reach your goal when you pace with him. Eric will be using the Smart Pacing strategy to ensure a successful race.
Half Marathon PR: 1:32

1:55 SmartPace Teams

Derek K. - 1:55 pacer

Running is something Derek started doing in college as a reason to put off studying. Now it is something he does as a hobby and to meet new people. He has ran a few 5 and 10K’s but prefers half and full marathons. His favorites so far have been Rock the Parkway half and Berlin Marathon. Sundays are by far his favorite running day because he gets to meet up with others for a long run and share running stories. He look forward to meeting you to hear your story and provide you the motivation you need in earning the PR that you have trained for.
Half Marathon PR: 1:37

2:00 SmartPace Teams

Erik B. - 2:00 pacer

Erik started running in 2009 to lose weight and get in shape. He ran his first race in 2012 which was a 10k. He has continued to run and enjoy it. He has ran all race distances up to marathon distance. This year he completed his first Ironman triathlon. This will be his first time pacing.
Half Marathon PR: 1:32

June K. - 2:00 pacer

June began running to lose weight in 2010 and ran her first race, a 5K, in 2011. That first race led to other races and then training for a half marathon. Since then she has run 14 half marathons, 4 marathons, numerous triathlons of varying distances and in October 2016 completed her first Ironman Triathlon.
Half Marathon PR: 1:38

2:05 SmartPace Teams

Larry L. - 2:05 pacer

Larry started running consistently in 2002 and is now a complete running junkie! Over the past 6 years, he completed 40+ trail ultra marathons. He has soloed Brew to Brew six times. When he isn't pacing, he runs 50K, 50 mi, 100K and 100 mile trail races. He also competes in ironman distance triathlon (most recently Redman and Boulder). Pacing is a particular passion of Larry's as he is always looking for like-minded runners who enjoy challenging their personal limits.
Half Marathon PR: 1:41

2:10 SmartPace Teams

Kristin M. - 2:10 pacer

Kristin has been running for about 7 years, a mix of road and trail. She generally high fives roughly 83% of the kids on the course, and her favorite running fuel is frozen pizza.
Half Marathon PR: 1:42

2:15 SmartPace Teams

Bridget B. - 2:15 pacer

Bridget has been a running enthusiast for over 25 years. She ran for William Jewell College setting several school and conference records. She was later inducted into the WJC Hall of Fame for her contributions on the track. Out of college, she focused her passion for running on coaching high school track and cross country and has been doing so for almost 20 years. She trains with her HS athletes and loves encouraging them on their runs. She has competed in numerous road races over the years: 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. When not running she loves to teach chemistry, cheer on her husband and kids in their endeavors, and hike 14K mountains with her "summit sistas". Bridget is beyond excited to help those in her pace group to achieve their goals and to have a blast while doing so!
Half Marathon PR: 1:51

2:20 SmartPace Teams

Lauren K. - 2:20 pacer

Lauren started running several years ago when she was looking for a way to get outside and stay fit in college. Since then, she has completed numerous 5ks, 10ks, ten half marathons and two full marathons. Lauren loves the mental challenge of long-distance running and meeting new people from the running community. She has used the pacers to meet her goals and now wants to help others do the same. She uses the SmartPace strategy, warming up the first couple of miles, taking time to walk through the aid stations, and finishing strong. Lauren plans to help you enjoy your time on the course while cheering on other runners, thanking the volunteers and having fun crossing that finish line!
Half Marathon PR: 1:52

2:25 SmartPace Teams

Stephanie S. - 2:25 pacer

Being a cheerleader is an inherent part of Stephanie's personality. As a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise instructor, and Nutrition Specialist, she is all about helping people with their goals. Stephanie has been running for over 17 years, after the birth of her son. Since then, she has completed 20 marathons, including qualifying for and running Boston, and over one hundred half marathons. Stephanie likes to coach her pace group with tips on how to breathe, conquer hills, and enjoy the race.
Half Marathon PR: 1:38

2:30 SmartPace Teams

Laura B. - 2:30 pacer

Laura's first 5k was in 2010 and then first half marathon in 2012. Since then she has completed 23 Half Marathons and another 20+ 5k/10ks. She loves the post run feeling after every race and getting to experience that feeling with first timers makes it even better! Laura has paced many friends to a successful finish and enjoys the full race experience. Steady pace, walk through each aid station, joking and smiling are all part of pacing with Laura. Laura knows we are all stronger than we think and gently encourages everyone to keep moving forward. "You can do it!"
Half Marathon PR: 1:55

2:35 SmartPace Teams

Emma S. - 2:35 pacer

Emma began running early in high school after completing a 5k race. The runner's high stuck! Since then, she has completed countless races, ranging from 5k's to full marathons. Emma hopes to complete a race in every state, currently crossing off Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois. It's the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that keeps Emma training and racing; she hopes to instill this sense of accomplishment in you. She can't wait to race with you and help you cross that finish line with a smile!
Half Marathon PR: 1:42

2:40 SmartPace Teams

Melissa H. - 2:40 pacer

Melissa started running on Mother's Day 2012, and hasn't looked back since. Melissa runs long on Saturday mornings, changing locations throughout the city, and always enjoys a good cup of coffee afterwards. She cross trains several days a week, and really enjoys yoga and CrossFit. Since starting to run she has completed 44 half marathons, and countless shorter distance races. She is an active member of KC Express, and a Half Fanatic (#4222). Look for her at local races and be sure to say hello. Melissa is a wife and mother to two young boys. Be prepared to chat the 13.1 miles, listen to her sing (badly), and discuss the latest and greatest tv shows or movies. Melissa looks forward to helping you push to reach your goals and get you across the finish line!
Half Marathon PR: 2:00:03.9

2:45 SmartPace Teams

Laura K. - 2:45 pacer

Laura is a former cross country runner who got hooked on half marathons in college. Her first half marathon was the Disneyworld half with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training. Almost twenty years later and many more races, the half marathon is still by far her favorite distance. She loves an energetic race with big crowds, enthusiastic volunteers, and friendly fellow runners. Laura started pacing races this past year and really enjoys helping fellow runners meet their time goals. Outside of races, she can be found running on local trails with her kids on their bikes and tagging along in the jogging stroller.
Half Marathon PR: 1:50

2:50 SmartPace Teams

Cynthia S. - 2:50 pacer

Cynthia has been a pace group leader for The Runner's Edge for 13 years. By employing the SmartPace strategy, Cynthia has successfully completed 11 ultras (road and trail), 38 marathons and 43 halves. She was awarded the Road Runner's Club of America Grand Master Award for her finish in the 2010 Brew-to-Brew solo. Cynthia believes running comes from the head, the heart and the gut. She works with her group to use all those to your advantage. And she really enjoys encouraging others to do what they've never done before -- to run farther, to run faster or just to run! And having fun is the best part of it all. Her strategy is to go out slow for the first 2-3 miles, run a mile and then walk a minute, walk through the aid stations for up to a minute, go very slow up hills and make up the time on the down hills while making sure you have even effort breathing the whole time.
Half Marathon PR: 2:25

2:55 SmartPace Teams

Deborah P. - 2:55 pacer

Deborah started running late in life, after the last of her four children graduated from high school. Having watched her youngest run cross country for four years, something made her want to start running, as well. “You’re never too old to start,” she says. “Unlike so many sports, running is one you can do throughout your life.” Her first race was the Hospital Hill Run 10K and after that she went on to half marathons, having run 28 so far. Deborah has run 6 marathons but the half marathon is her favorite distance and she wants you to enjoy it just as much as she does. She says that pacers have played a big part in her racing experience so now she wants to pay that forward and help others along the way.
Half Marathon PR: 2:09:03

3:00 SmartPace Teams

Amy C. - 3:00 pacer

Amy owes her love for running to her son's cross country coach. The coach encouraged parents to run the road races with the team. One race and she was hooked! After running several 5ks, she decided to give the longer distances a try. Her first half was Hospital Hill in Kansas City. That same coach paced her all the way!!! Amy believes that life should be lived to the fullest and that a positive attitude makes life more fun!!! Come join Amy and be uplifted as we take each mile as it comes with a smile!!!
Half Marathon PR: 2:25

Full Marathon SmartPace Teams

3:30 SmartPace Teams

Stephen M. - 3:30 pacer

Stephen has been running since 2012, when he dropped 45 pounds to be an example for his patients. As a physician, he loves promoting a healthy lifestyle with running. He has run 14 marathons and over 25 half marathons, and enjoys pacing others to achieve their goals. He is an avid racer and pacer, often running 20+ events a year from the mile to the marathon. In 2017 he finally got that elusive BQ. He enjoys helping people in under their time goal with the Smart Pacing Strategy.
Marathon PR: 3:06

3:45 SmartPace Teams

Jorge G. - 3:45 pacer

Jorge is a proud U.S. Marine, Runner, Pacer, 50-State Marathon Club finisher (PR 3:07), 100-mile Ultra-marathoner, 9x-Boston Marathon Qualifier, ran 5 marathons in 5 states in 1 week (all under 4 hrs), completed 80+ marathons, including Ultra-Marathons and at least one marathon in all 50 states and a Top 10 Finalists for December’s 2015 Runner’s World Magazine Cover. We tell you this because he loves to lead by example. He enjoys training to push the limits of his potential and complete a variety of running goals. Still, more important to Jorge than the competition of running, is the ability to inspire others – runners and non-runners – to experience what can be accomplished on two feet and to do what others think is impossible. This is far more important to him than competing against other runners, the clock, or even himself. Today, Jorge dedicates his miles to the many people who have supported and inspired him to do his best and to never give up, while helping them achieve their own goals. Pacing offers him that opportunity! As a Pacer, Jorge is very positive and energetic. His ability to bring out the best in people, both physically and mentally, is evident by the many runners he has helped record Personal Records and Boston Qualifying times! He constantly offers encouragement, while also reminding the runners in his group to stay mentally strong, focused, to trust their training, and have fun! #‎NothingEverDoneAlone Semper Fi.
Marathon PR: 3:07:25

4:00 SmartPace Teams

Cynthia K. - 4:00 pacer

Cynthia found her love for distance running about ten years ago. She went out for her daily 3 mile run with a friend and ten miles later never looked back. Cynthia has been running marathons for ten years and has run at least one every year since she started. She has paced for several races in the Chicagoland area. Cynthia is a Running Coach for Chicago Endurance Sports, Chicago's largest multisport training group. She is known for her continuous positivity and energy. Cynthia will be there to cheer you on every step of the way, all while holding a stick!
Marathon PR: 3:34

Ryan M. - 4:00 pacer

Ryan started running 6 years ago to improve his health. What started out as just a form of exercise turned into a passion. Ryan has ran 8 full marathons and several half marathons. After having a pacer help Ryan set a new PR he wanted to become a pacer and help someone else achieve their goal.
Marathon PR: 3:25

4:15 SmartPace Teams

Libby K. - 4:15 pacer

Libby loves to run. Period. After taking it up in college it continues to be one of her favorite things to do. She races everything from 5k's to marathons (15K's and half marathons are her favorites) and is slowly reaching her goal of racing in every state. She loves to pace half and full marathons and really enjoys helping other runners reach their race goals. Most days she can be found on any number of paved trails rocking out to her "Running Jams" playlist, with an occasional dance move thrown in. When she's not running she loves to hike and explore and may one day decide that she likes trail running. Maybe.
Marathon PR: 3:45

Greg S. - 4:15 pacer

Greg has run competitively for 30 years. He has completed 54 marathons, including the Boston Marathon 5 times, and over 100 half marathons. He is a 9 year breast cancer survivor. Greg enjoys helping others meet their goals and his enthusiasm towards running is infectious.
Marathon PR: 3:12

4:30 SmartPace Teams

Amanda K. - 4:30 pacer

Amanda has been running consistently for almost 5 years, but has ran to stay in shape since about 2005. After completing the Kansas City Marathon as her first official race in 2012 she was hooked and has ran a total of 13 full marathons and 9 half marathons. Amanda's favorite things about running are the people she's met and all the awesome places she's gotten to see while running! She has had a lot of success thanks to great pacers so she knows the value of a good pace team and is looking forward to giving that experience back to someone else!
Marathon PR: 3:36

Nick H. - 4:30 pacer

I am an avid endurance athlete competing in: Ironman Triathlons, Ironman 70.3 Triathlons, Sprint Triathlons, Ultra Marathons, Marathons, Half Marathons and local 10k and 5k races. These taking place all over the United States. My favorite running event is the marathon. It’s a great experience! There are people everywhere; runners and fellow competitors swarming all over the place. One really feels a sense of unity and solidarity as we all run and cheer together as one. In the life of an endurance athlete, it is a huge milestone. It’s a race we will never forget. No two marathons are ever alike. Each has story of its own. The sense of pride that overcomes you as you cross that finish line is indescribable, truly making it an extremely rewarding endeavor.
Marathon PR: 3:32

4:45 SmartPace Teams

Tom M. - 4:45 pacer

Tom ran track and cross country in high school, and after graduation ran his first marathon, the Heart of America, in 1976. He ran various 10Ks (PR 35:00) and also got his marathon PR of 3:12 in the 1980's. After a couple decade kid and job induced sabbatical from running, he returned in 2010. He has waddled through 15 marathons and numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons. With help from excellent pacers he got his first BQ at the Oklahoma City marathon in 4/24/16. Again, aided by excellent pacing, he got a recent PR at Hospital Hill. Inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of these pacers, Tom paced the Joplin marathon. He looks forward to helping runners achieve their goals with the SmartPacing system.
Marathon PR: 3:12

Tiffany W. - 4:45 pacer

Tiffany has been running for the past 25 years. She grew up in a small town in Nebraska and left shortly after graduation joining the United States Air Force. As an active duty member, Tiffany has run all over the world to include Germany, France, Prague, Italy, and Luxembourg. Tiffany was selected to run with the United States Air Forces in Europe team, and the Air Mobility Command for the 2013/14 Air Force Marathon team. Tiffany has ran 17 half-marathons, and 1 full-marathon. Finally, Tiffany has been pacing half-marathons since 2013 to help motivate other runners who share similar passions as her. Tiffany enjoys meeting new people, and helping others meet their goals.

5:00 SmartPace Teams

Michael B. - 5:00 pacer

Mike has completed 167 marathons in 39 different states. His past pacing experiences have included the Kansas City Marathon, the Lincoln Marathon and the Olathe Marathon. Mike is passionate about sharing his many running experiences with others and supporting all marathoners in doing their personal best.
Marathon PR: 3.35

5:15 SmartPace Teams

Brandy H. - 5:15 pacer

Brandy has been running for six years now. Her love of running began by hiking Long's Peak in the Colorado rockies. Since then, she has completed 15 half marathons, 5 marathons, 20 ultra marathons (from 50Ks to 100 milers) and summited six Colorado 14ers. She has paced many ultra marathoners, helping them to conquer their goals. Friendships, fun, and accomplishment is what Brandy enjoys most about running. She looks forward to helping others accomplish their goals too by using a smart pacing strategy, lots of cheering and high fives, and maybe song or two.
Marathon PR: 4:55

Chandy T. - 5:15 pacer

Chandy was a Fitness Model that became an avid runner after running her first 5k in December 2013. Since then Chandy has ran 5 marathons, 5 ultra marathons (3-50k's, 100k, 2-50milers), 20 half marathons along with many 5k's and 10k's. Completing Leadville has been her personal biggest running success she says. She loves to run and share her passion about running with everyone. She Coaches a Couch 2 5K group for Team RWB, paces 100 mile ultra runners during their last 20 to 50 miles of their 100 mile race. She has done one on one pacing for several half marathons as well. Her greatest happiness is helping runners cross the finish line, and meet their goals. Chandy looks forward to running with you!
Marathon PR: 3:59.16

5:30 SmartPace Teams

Tom D. - 5:30 pacer

Tom has been running since Spring of 1978, running marathons March 9th, 1986, and pacing 2004. He has paced 15 marathons. His love outside of running is reading, which he does as often as he can. Being a son of a chef, he enjoys cooking. He became a vegetarian in 1977 and a vegan in 1994. He watches his sugar and salt intake carefully. Being a runner it is very challenging, since at times he needs to alter and take in more. The love of his life are his 4 kids, his cats. Yes, they are spoiled, but very loving. Without them life would be very lonely. 50M PR: 9:02. 24 Hour Run PR: 107 Miles.
Marathon PR: 3:29:06

Paula W. - 5:30 pacer

Paula was a thrower in high school and college and hated running. In 2010, she picked up running during a biggest loser competition at work. Ever since running has been her passion. She loves all things running related, and endurance sports. From 50 mile ultra marathons, to Tough Mudders to triathlons. She loves to compete, but also loves to run for fun. She enjoys pushing herself as well as pushing others to do their best and to have fun. There is no better feeling than crossing the finish line and crushing your goals. Let s do this, together we can!
Marathon PR: 5:08

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