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Liberty Hospital Half - 03/03/2018

Go! St. Louis - 04/08/2018

Rock the Parkway - 04/14/2018

Garmin Marathon - 04/21/2018

Words to run by

"Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize." I Corinthians 9:24

Meet your Pacers for
Georgetown to Idaho Springs

Half Marathon Pacers: 1:30 1:35 1:40 1:45 1:50 1:55 2:00 2:05 2:10 2:15 2:20 2:25 2:30 2:35 2:40 3:00

Half Marathon SmartPace Teams

1:30 SmartPace Teams

Aaron H. - 1:30 pacer

1:35 SmartPace Teams

Taylor H. - 1:35 pacer

1:40 SmartPace Teams

Anne J. - 1:40 pacer

Anne started distance running in high school when she realized that she didn't have much coordination for ball sports! She placed in her state cross country championships in the great state of Wisconsin two times. She competed as part of a junior national team that traveled to Sydney Australia and ran the famous City to Surf race, in which she placed first for her age group amongst runners from many nations! She continued her career as a member of the Tulane University cross country and track teams. In 1998, she retired from collegiate athletics and began to pursue her passion of marathoning. To date she has successfully completed 27 marathons, including one which she was the winning female (Journeys Marathon, Eagle River WI), and 5 Boston Marathons. Anne is a pace group leader for the 3:15 pace group of the world renowned Runner's Edge of the Rockies. She has paced many marathons and half marathons, including the Chicago Marathon and the Colorado Marathon. Let her help you meet your marathon goals!
Half Marathon PR: 1:27

1:45 SmartPace Teams

Chris G. - 1:45 pacer

Chris has run 50 marathons and about twice that many halfs, including pacing for 4 marathons and 20+ halfs. He enjoys distance running because it's excellent practice in not quitting, and entering marathons is good motivation for staying in shape. For Chris as with most geezers, the idea of starting slow is appealing, and the Smartpacing strategy is a lot more enjoyable than running dead even splits. The challenge will be to see how many laughs can be generated the last part of the race.
Half Marathon PR: 1:22

1:50 SmartPace Teams

Marie U. - 1:50 pacer

Marie has run countless half marathons, 17 full marathons, and four ultra marathons. She's a seasoned pacer. Marie believes a positive attitude keeps everyone motivated. Marie likes to practice a pacing model of "no runner left behind!" and will do all she can to make sure you finish ahead of your goal time. Happy racing!
Half Marathon PR: 1:38

1:55 SmartPace Teams

Greg S. - 1:55 pacer

Greg has run competitively for 30 years. He has completed 54 marathons, including the Boston Marathon 5 times, and over 100 half marathons. He is a 9 year breast cancer survivor. Greg enjoys helping others meet their goals and his enthusiasm towards running is infectious.
Half Marathon PR: 1:26

2:00 SmartPace Teams

Daniel M. - 2:00 pacer

Daniel started his running journey in 2011 with a goal to run a 5k and lose weight. A successful 5k soon led to a 10k, and then a half marathon. In 2012 he ran his first full marathon and lost over 50 lbs of weight during the training. Daniel now trains with Runners Edge of the Rockies and running has become his passion. He has completed nine full marathons including recent finishes at the Disney World Marathon, Alaska Mayors Marathon, and Twin Cities Marathon. Daniel has also served as the official pacer for several races in Colorado to include the Colorado Marathon, the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon, Colfax Marathon, and the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon.
Half Marathon PR: 1:35

2:05 SmartPace Teams

Mary T. - 2:05 pacer

2:10 SmartPace Teams

Chad W. - 2:10 pacer


2:15 SmartPace Teams

Mary A. - 2:15 pacer

Mary has been running marathon races since 2009 but has been a runner ever since her father passed away when she was 16 years old. Back then she ran to escape life and now she runs to embrace the joy that is life. She is constantly in awe of how running connects a community of strangers into a community of instant friends, friends who all have the same goal…to FINISH. She is proud and honored to be a member of this community of strangers! Mary is blessed with a wonderful husband and two amazing children who support her in all her running endeavors. She has completed 35+ half marathons and a handful of full marathons and is a member of Moms Run This Town-Denver and Run Junkies Mary is excited to be a pacer to encourage others to reach their goals. When she is not running and spending time with her family Mary works in Denver Public Schools as high school counselor.
Half Marathon PR: 1:46:50

2:20 SmartPace Teams

John S. - 2:20 pacer

John returned to Colorado in 2009 and joined Runner's Edge of the Rockies to meet new people and to gain the benefits of training with a group. He has run 13 full marathons, numerous half marathons, and has paced past half marathon races. John is currently a pace group leader for the 3:50 marathon training group with Runner's Edge of the Rockies. John is looking forward to working with you to reach or beat your goal. Remember to relax and have fun out there!
Half Marathon PR: 1:51

2:25 SmartPace Teams

Rachel S. - 2:25 pacer

Rachel began running full marathons just a few years ago. Running provides her with a sense of accomplishment and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay fit! She has an easy gait, consistent pace and a friendly manner and especially enjoys running with friends. She looks forward to helping you achieve your goal and have fun running your race!
Half Marathon PR: 2:05

2:30 SmartPace Teams

Sharon S. - 2:30 pacer

2:35 SmartPace Teams

Robyn B. - 2:35 pacer

Robyn has completed 13 full marathons, 2 ultras, and over 80 half marathons. Her favorite races include the Boston & New York marathons in 2009, the Bear Chase 50K in 2013, and the Pikes Peak Ascent in 2014. She ran with a pacing group to break her first 4 hour marathon many years ago. Now, Robyn specializes in half marathons, and wants to help other runners reach their goals. She lives in the mountains of Colorado and has been running steadily for over 16 years.
Half Marathon PR: 1:47:39

2:40 SmartPace Teams

Kelly W. - 2:40 pacer

Kelly has done 14 marathons in 10 states, with a goal to run a marathon in every state, even though she was only ever going to run one marathon. Her next marathon is in the spring of 2015, but will find some other races between now and then. She's currently questioning her sanity in signing up for the Full Ironman in Boulder 2015.
Half Marathon PR: 1:55

3:00 SmartPace Teams

Kari J. - 3:00 pacer

Kari went from couch potato to marathon runner in 6 months and has never looked back! She is the first to tell you if she can run a marathon, any fool can! Her favorite runs are her weekly runs with her running group, Runner's Edge of the Rockies. She has successfully completed 14 marathons, countless half-marathons and the infamous Goofy Challenge-running a half-marathon on Saturday and a full on Sunday. Her most recent accomplishment is becoming an Ironman in August at the Inaugural Boulder Ironman. Her passion is coaching people to the finish, whether it be their 1st event or their 100th. Kari's goal is to get you to the finish line with a smile on your face and to make every mile memorable! Her favorite running quote is "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start".
Half Marathon PR: 2:02

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SmartPacing is organized by The Runners's Edge in Kansas City and The Runners's Edge of the Rockies in Denver, with support from Races2Remember.com.